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GriG | Official Website

GriG | Official Website


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GriG | Official Website

GriG | Official Website

GriG | Official Website

GriGmusic GriG | Official Website



After 3 years we finally made a new track! Hope you enjoy this and start the summer right with this beat. Also would love to thank everyone that took part in creating this song including Ana Michell for amazing vocals, Angel Preciado for dopes lyrics in Spanish and nevertheless Something Else for the crazy beat!


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‘In the Darkness’ is GriG's first single that ended up begin a breakout success and a game changer for his evolution in the music industry. The single received unexpected success by getting thousands of streams from all over the world. It was also featured on several playlists with an overall following exceeding 200.000 listeners. Edm on the Internet, Top New Music Hits 2020 and Edm playlist are just some of the places where GriG received the most support from.

Prior to his music career, GriG has been a professional tennis player for more than 14 years, barely having any free time for music. He was ranked as high as nr.7 in the USA national rankings (2015) and also won hundreds of tennis tournaments

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